Basketball Officiating

Updated Thursday November 15, 2018 by Pat Moore.

Basketball Officiating

Click for 2019 CYC Basketball Rulebook

Click for 2018 Summary of CYC Rule Changes

Click for 2018 CYC South Central Basketball Rules

Click for 2018 Procedures for Table Officials


Click for Throw In Spots

Click for Official NFHS Basketball Signals

Click for South Central Referee Mechanics


There is a CYC test and a District quiz to be completed by all CYC South Central Basketball Officials.  The district test is short!


     Click to take the 2019 CYC Test for Basketball Officials

     Click to take the 2019 CYC South Central Quiz for Basketball Officials


There is one test to be completed by CYC South Central Scorkeepers.

     Click to take the 2019 South Central Test for Scorekeepers